Mayoral candidates spend holiday on the stump

t may be an advantage of being the sitting mayor. And when Willie Herenton speaks, people listen.

"We love Memphis! We love Memphis! We love Memphis!," Herenton shouted to a crowd Tuesday.

Simply filing campaign papers turned into a political rally. Others are taking the old-fashioned approach.

"I'm Herman Morris, I'm running for mayor," Morris told voters outside a Redbirds game Wednesday night.

The former MLGW head spent part of his 4th promising "no more hot air."

"Between now and October 4th, you got to meet every voter that you can, shake every hand that you can, talk to every person that you can," said Morris.

"I've been to at least five events today," Carol Chumney told us.

City councilwoman Carol Chumney considered the holiday her first victory.

"I feel like I won today because I was at all these neighborhood parades and picnics and didn't see any of my opponents anywhere," said Chumney.

Former Shelby County Commissioner John Willingham passed on "pressing the flesh" to print campaign fliers at Office Depot Wednesday afternoon. He said it's another way to set himself apart.

"You know, Ben Franklin said if you do everything the same way and expect a different result--that's insanity," said Willingham.

What he and others don't think is crazy is the possibility of beating Herenton.

"We gone march to victory," said Herenton during Tuesday's speech.

He was confident most voters won't declare their "independence" from him anytime soon.


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