Economic opportunities to breath life into Millington Airport

There may be a plan in the works to breathe more life into the Millington Airport. It's a new economic opportunity in a city hurting for jobs.

Millington native Linda Bishop is spending the holiday with her family. They're riding bikes in a city that looks far different from the one she remembers growing up.

"You'd ride up and down Navy Road here and it was busy all the time," said Bishop.

But when the Naval Air Reserve Center closed in the mid 1990's, Millington fell hard losing more than 7000 jobs.

Bishop added, "everywhere you look all businesses close up. They may open but they stay open maybe three months and they close because we don't have the pay."

But that may change with new interest in a mostly empty, former navy, airport hangar.

The fence may be changed up and locked right now but the airport authority in Millington confirmed that Sky Kind Incorporated will make a presentation next week to lease the $50,000 square foot hangar.

There's no question the building needs work but city leaders in Millington say this move could spur the economic growth Millington's been desperate for.

Sky King Incorporated is a charter airline based in California.

According to the website they provide flights for NBA teams like the Grizzlies, and VIPS.

They say ninty percent of their business is East of the Mississippi River and Millington is a top choice to relocate.

"Until somebody comes up and makes the initial step and brings business out here and jobs Millington is not going to grow anymore," said Millington resident Alice Spencer.

It's an airline opportunity to grow a city that is starving economic landing in Millington.


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