National Hurricane Center director says he won't resign, job safe

MIAMI (AP) - The National Hurricane Center's director says today he will not resign and his superiors have reassured him that he still has his job -- despite calls from about half his staffers for his replacement.

Director Bill Proenza said the demands by 23 employees for him to leave are the result of disagreements that can be resolved.

Proenza tells the Associated Press, "We may have some disagreements in the philosophy of making changes at the hurricane center in the future as far as what we want for new capability, new science and technology. Does that justify removing someone?"

The staffers who called for Proenza's dismissal yesterday said he has damaged public confidence in their ability to forecast storms. He has repeatedly and publicly criticized the government for failing to provide enough funding and to replace an aging weather satellite.

The staffers say they feel Proenza's public complaints since he took over the job in January have dragged them into a debate that has distracted them from their mission.

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