80-year-old man tries to fight off mugger

"I don't think I'm the kind that gives up."

That's a trait 80 year-old George Younger picked up as an amateur boxer in South Memphis.

"We did a lot of boxing in the neighborhood and all," says Younger.

But this World War II vet, who now lives in Dyersburg, thought his fighting days were over.  Then, he was attacked this week by a man less than half his age and twice his size.

"He hit me first right here," Younger points to his face.

It happened inside a public bathroom at the VA Medical Center in Memphis.  Younger came to pick up a new hearing aid.  But he left with severe bruises on his arms, his face, plus 13 stitches in his hand.

"It could have been a whole lot worse, you know," says Younger.

Younger was washing his hands when the mugger came up from behind and sucker punched him.  He says the man tried to force him into a stall, but he refused, and instead fought back.

"He sort of leaned that way and I hit him," Younger describes.  "I just hope I hit him as hard as my hand," he says.

Younger says the two tussled on the floor during the fight, which he says felt as if it lasted 15 minutes.

"I hollered help four times, and every time, he'd holler shut up and he'd squeeze my neck harder," recalls Younger.

The mugger finally let go, but got away with Younger's wallet, 200 dollars, and some credit cards.

"And it's just in an instant," says Younger.  "One minute you're safe and the next minute you're the victim," he adds.

He says he'll never feel completely safe again--no matter where he is.

Memphis Police are trying to track down the suspect.  Younger considers himself lucky because he recently had a pacemaker put in and wasn't supposed to do anything strenuous until the 10th of next month.

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