Mid-Southerners prepare for the luckiest day of the century

Saturday could be the luckiest day ever!  Once every 100 years, the calendar lands on 7-7-07, and this weekend, casinos, couples, and even cashiers are hoping history helps them out!

Some, like Memphian Marilyn Haklin, believe the date 7-7-07 has the word "luck" written all over it.  "I like the idea of numbers," she says.  "That's always a good thing.

And she's not alone!  Hotels in Las Vegas - the gambling capital of America - are nearly sold out.

Mid-South churches are booked solid by couples wanting to ring wedding bells on what they call the luckiest day of the millennium!

Bride-to-be Sarah Martin first picked the date so her fiance would remember it easily.  But then, she found it had more meaning.

"There are so many things related to 7-7-07," she said. "Like seven is supposed to be God's complete number."

Philosopher Deborah Tollefsen says the quest for good luck is timeless.

"The superstitions surrounding the notion of luck, these symbols and the sevens are ways people make sense of this phenomenon," she said.

But sometimes people confuse what it means.  "We might say of the person who gets the great job and we're upset about it, 'oh, they were just lucky' and not give them the credit that is due to them," she said.

While some, like Sarah Martin, would rather put their faith in blessings.   "I don't know if I believe in luck, but if it is there and it helps us out, that's great," she said.

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