Big geese cause big problem in Mid-South neighborhood

Wild Canada Geese have taken up residence in one Mid-South subdivision, causing serious headaches for the residents there.

Going on a wild goose chase in Countrywood is easy.  Going for a walk in Countrywood is not so easy.

"The whole sidewalk...this guy's yard behind's all littered with goose poop," said resident Rex Armstrong.

Rex Armstrong walks carefully with his sons.  He and his family live across the street from a park area that is a prime spot for the geese. Armstrong says its fun to watch the Giant Canada Geese, but "the biggest problem we have with them is the mess.  They leave droppings as big as a small dog!"

Wildlife officials say the Giant Canada Geese in this subdivision seem to have lost the need or ability to migrate. They are attracted to the plentiful ponds, lakes, and grass.

If you want help getting rid of a goose problem, call USDA Wildlife Services.

To see more about the giant Canada Geese problem in Countrywood, watch the story in the video player on this page.

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