Police on the look-out for TN man accused of killing girlfriend

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Christopher Williams is now one of its top 10 most wanted fugitives.

Williams is accused of killing his girlfriend Tuesday morning in Jackson, Tennessee.

Now there's new information that the woman Williams may have killed, forged a letter to bust him out of jail.

Williams is on the run after he was released from a jail in Madison County, Mississippi.

He was let go after jail officials received a letter that appears to be from the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole.

The letter tells Mississippi officers that a hold on Williams for a previous case in Tennessee has been lifted.

But this letter is hardly official. TBI agents believe Williams girlfriend, Myshesha Shaw created it.

In fact, the TBI now has a handwritten letter from Williams to Shaw in Tennessee telling her exactly what to say.

Agents say Shaw went to a county library in Mississippi and faxed it to department holding her boyfriend.

"This is a person who clearly had some institutional knowledge that something like that could occur. That letters go back and forth, agency to agency," said Jennifer Johnson with TBI.

But this case has another astonishing turn. Williams is now accused of killing Shaw at her home in Jackson just days ago.

"There was an arguement betweeen Mr. Williams and his girlfriend. She was found deceased the next day. So he is the prime suspect and there is a warrant for second degree murder against him," added Johnson.

The woman who likely helped him escape from jail may now be his latest victim.

If you know anything that might help with the investigation, call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-FIND.