Commissioners want tougher S.O.B. laws

Some Shelby County businesses could have a new set of rules to operate under if county commissioners have their way.

Shelby County Commissioners took their first look at tougher Sexually Oriented Business laws.

And when the ordinance came to the table, one commissioner made a push to include hourly-rate motels in the equation.

County Commissioner Henri Brooks says tougher SOB laws should not be exclusive to strip clubs and video stores.

"Children in the mornings coming and going from school pass by hourly rate motels where prostitutes are carrying on their business," said Brooks.

If a prostitution conviction happens within 100-feet of any hourly-rate motel Brooks wants that business banished to an industrial area.

She also wants to officially designate those motels as "sexually oriented businesses" if more than one conviction happens.

Brookes added, "clean it up. Clean up the trash. Get rid of the undesirables. Decrease crime."

This all came up as commissioners considered adopting the state SOB ordinance.

It would establish a permit system where owners and employees would have to individually apply for work permits.

The ordinance would also form a five member Adult Business Board.

Commissioner Steve Mulroy moved to consider a joint agreement with the city of Memphis.

"I think that since all of these sexually oriented businesses are in the city of Memphis, to make sure that what we're doing is something that the city of memphis will cooperate with," said Mulroy.

He said the people of Memphis and Shelby County can't afford duplication of efforts.

Commissioners approved the first reading of the ordinance. They'll have a public hearing July 23rd and seek input from the city council.


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