Police investigate after disturbing video of 2-year-old appears online

Disturbing video has popped up on the internet showing a 2-year-old girl being poked and slapped.

The video was first spotted on YouTube and other video websites.  Now, police in the Houston area want to know who the girl in the video is, and if she is the victim of a crime.

According to the Houston Chronicle, authorities there believe the video was shot near Houston because a radio station heard in the background was tuned to KHCB-FM.  A map of nearby Jackson County can also been seen in the video.

It is not known if the girl is under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the video, but authorities claim the word "Ecstacy" could be heard.

There is no sign in the video of the girl taking anything, but police hope someone will see the tape and help them find the girl, as well as the people involved.