Law enforcement officials announce major Memphis drug bust

Federal and local authorities announced a major drug bust Wednesday morning.

Calling it one of the biggest busts in Memphis history, Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin said "Operation Titan Two" began eight months ago.

Wednesday morning, Memphis Police, along with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department and the FBI, held a press conference to announce 12 indictments related to the bust.

Ten of the twelve people indicted are currently in custody. Officials said more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana, 10 kilograms of cocaine, $1 million in cash, 15 illegal firearms, and dozens of vehicles were seized.

David Kustoff, U.S. Attorney General for the Western District of Tennessee, said the searches were conducted at 15 locations across Memphis.  The biggest bust was in North Memphis, where officers found not only bales of packaged marijuana, but a sophisticated marijuana growing operation.

"There is a large of amount of drugs that has been prevented from hitting the streets of Memphis," Kustoff said. "Secondly, you see a partnership of law enforcement officials in the state, local, and federal that have worked well, and have worked in conjunction to prevent criminal activity."

There is a 10-year minimum prison term for this charge. If any of the indicted individuals has a prior drug felony conviction, the minimum prison term increases to 20 years.

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