UPDATE: Texas authorities investigate video showing drug teasing of toddler

HOUSTON (AP) - The FBI is helping authorities in Houston see if any crime was committed in a bizarre video that surfaced on YouTube.

It's since been taken down, but shows a van-full of young women teasing a toddler as though she were on drugs.

The little girl rolls her eyes back as 1 of the women makes a joke about her popping "X," slang for the drug Ecstasy.

Investigators were able to find out who was involved through clues on the tape, including a map of Jackson County, Texas, and the voice on the radio, identified as the announcer for a Christian radio station in Houston.

It turns out there were nine people in the van: two children, four teen-age girls and three adult women, including the 2-year-old's mother.

The young women told an investigator they were bored during a trip from the beach and were just playing.

No charges have been filed.