Former state senator Kathyrn Bowers to change plea in Tennessee Waltz case

Former Tennessee State Senator Kathyrn Bowers has a change of plea hearing scheduled for Monday morning in her Tennessee Waltz case.

Bowers was set to go to trial on September 10th.  Today, her attorney said that there will be no trial for the former state senator.  She will change her plea early next week.

Her indictment was part of the federal government's Tennessee Waltz corruption sting.

Bowers is charged with taking $11,000 in bribes to use her influence in the Tennessee Senate.  Bowers pleaded not guilty to those charges, but her attorney, Bill Massey, said she had a change of heart.

"It was a dificult decision and it took a while," Massey said.  "It took consultation with friends, with family, with counselors, with pastors.  Eventually Kathyrn came to see that her conduct was wrongful and she made the decision. . . to plead guilty"

Massey hopes a federal judge will impose the lightest sentence possible against Bowers.

Massey said part of Bowers' decision was made based on previous Tennessee Waltz convictions.  He said Bowers has always been willing to face her shortcoming even when it means admitting to a federal offense.

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