Ford's attorney claims his client did nothing wrong

A 26 page indictment issued Wednesday accused Memphis City Councilman Edmund Ford of  using his political power for monetary gain.

Ford's attorney, Mike Scholl, said Thursday that he can't see where a crime was committed.

"It's our position that the facts that are alleged in that indictment don't show any crime whatsoever," he said.

That's why, Scholl said, it all came as a shock.  "We were surprised. Not only surprised, but we were outraged by the new indictments."

The feds believe after Ford nominated Joseph Lee for MLGW President, they aided and abetted one another throughout the years. The indictment says, as chairman of the city's MLGW committee, Ford supported Lee's proposals to the city council. In exchange, it says, Lee prevented efforts to collect Ford's overdue $16,000 dollar MLGW bill.

Scholl says Ford did not use his power for monetary gain.  Lee has always maintained he tried to work with anyone who needed help when their power was in jeopardy of being cut off.
Ford already faces other legal charges.  Earlier this year, the feds accused him of voting in favor of a real estate development deal and a billboard along I-240 in exchange for more than $14,000.

"They've added the previous charges to that precious indictment, so now it'll all become one case," Scholl said.

Now, according to the attorney, they're waiting to see what evidence the government claims to have on the most recent charges, so they can defend Ford's name.

Ford said Thursday he will not resign from the Memphis City Council, because he claims to have done nothing wrong.

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