Operation Street Sweep aimed at getting drugs out of Memphis neighborhoods

Mid-South police officers recently released new information about an early morning round-up that took suspected criminal off of the streets.

A CD full of mugshots of the Street Sweep arrests was released.

The operation started with months of undercover work.  Yesterday, there was a huge round-up of those with drug indictments.  Action News 5 was invited along.

Sgt. Lambert Ross of the Memphis Police Department said this was not the first time he had done something like this.

"We like to say this is not our first Blue Crush pony ride," Ross said.  "We've been down this road many times."

Blue Crush is the name of the initiative aimed at ridding Memphis neighborhoods of illegal drugs.

Cops involved with Blue Crush went out with a notebook of mugshots to close outstanding warrants.

After the day, officers arrested a total of 62 people.

These arrests were part of Operation Street Sweep 9.  Director Larry Godwin said to expect a Street Sweep 10.