Fields responds to Spence's claims

It's a battle of two attorneys.

Richard Fields says Robert Spence's accusation he's conspiring to take down Mayor Willie Herenton is not true.

"I just felt I should respond and just say it's not true," Fields said.

Spence blasted Fields moments after leaving Federal Court Wednesday.  Spence was there representing former MLGW President Joseph Lee on three counts of extortion.

"Richard Fields!  The same snake involved in the blackmail attempt against Mayor Herenton," Spence said Wednesday, noting Fields told him in November the charges against Lee were coming.

"I didn't know about the MLGW investigation until February of 2007, when a client of mine called me and said she had just been interviewed by the FBI," Fields said Thursday.

According to Fields, documents prove he and Spence were not talking back in November.  He claims Spence threatened him before a judge in a court case that happened in August.

Fields believes Spence is also angry with him for sending a scathing letter to the media, discouraging citizens from voting for Spence during his senate run in January.

"Maybe it's personal," he said. "Maybe it's the frustration of the indictments.  But he really ought to apologize to me."

Late Thursday, Spence had no response to Fields' comments.

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