Accident on rural road claims teen's life

A two lane county road was the site of a truck accident leaving one teen dead and a group of family and friends struggling with the loss.

17-year-old Bryant Kite took a curve too fast on Pisgah Road near Stable Run and flipped his truck.  The accident occurred at one in the morning.  Kite died on the scene of the accident.  Investigators say Kite was not wearing his seat belt.

Kite was a senior at Cordova High School and a star on the school's baseball team.

Rachel Jaquess, a friend of Kite's, is having trouble dealing with the loss.

"He was the type of guy that was friends with everybody in every group," Jaquess said.  "Everybody just loved him so much.  He's going to be missed so much."

Steve Shular of the Shelby County Sheriff's Department is now trying to get the word out about safe driving on rural roads.

"Utmost caution," said Shular, "that's the word to get out especially when we're dealing with teenage drivers and you're dealing with rural roads built many, many years ago."

Kite was beloved by friends and the community.  Many passers-by of the scene of the accident stopped to say how much they already miss Kite.