Luggage donations help Shelby County foster youth

A new program sponsored by the Community Involvement Council of the Mid-South is using luggage to help foster children make smoother transitions from one home to another.

The program is accepting donations of luggage for local foster children.

Termina Starks, a foster youth, previously had to use garbage bags when moving from one place to another.

"Could you imagine 20 or 30 years ago taking your stuff to college in garbage bags?"  Starks asked.  "Do you know how inconvenient and embarrassing it is?"

Now Starks and others in the DCS foster programs are receiving the luggage taht has been donated.

Dianne Hurth of the Department of Children's Services said the donations are great for those in the foster program and the communtity.

"We're hoping that this will instill and inspire others to be that person to think about a child and invest in a forever friend,"  Hurth said.'

Starks plans to go to college this year and said the foster children in the program consider this luggage priceless.

The Community Involvement Council of the Mid-South is actively collecting luggage and donations for the more than one thousand foster children in Shelby County.

To donate luggage, please call 901-726-6872.

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