Document details government's case against Ford, Lee

A document more than 100 pages long, obtained by Action News 5, details much of the government's case against Joseph Lee and Edmund Ford.  The pair, along with Memphis businessman Dennis Churchfield, were indicted Wednesday.

The government maintains after a six month investigation that Lee kept Ford's very overdue utility bill on his funeral home business from being cut off in return for Ford's help in getting Lee the job as head of MLG&W in 2004. Ford headed the city council committee that oversaw MLG&W.

An audit done in April of this year spells out some of the government's evidence against Lee and Ford.  The audit shows Ford's payment status on his funeral home business on Elvis Presley.

Ford had two accounts: The first account was established in January of 2004.  The first payment was made, according to the audit, two years later in the amount of $1,000.  Then this year, Ford made a $1,000 payment in January and a $3,000 payment in February, leaving a balance of more than $4,000.

Ford's second account for the business was established in 2004, but the first payment was not made until 2006, later leaving a balance of almost $10,000.  The account was fully paid in March.

The audit also shows that Ford received 65 cut-off notices, and that Joseph Lee intervened to stop Ford's utilities from being turned off.

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