Herenton and Wharton begin, end Thursday together

They began the day together at a Nike groundbreaking in Frayser, and they ended it together too...

According to witnesses, Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton and his Shelby County counterpart ended the day over dinner at LeChardonnay in Overton Square.

We don't know if Herenton had the Glazed Grouper, or Wharton the Stuffed Chicken, and we can only assume the two discussed the upcoming city mayor's race.

Wednesday, Wharton addressed the media about the effort of local leaders to urge him into a race against Herenton.

"I certainly fell obligated to give this issue the serious thought that it deserves," he said at a press conference.

But Wharton considers Herenton a good friend, and former Shelby County Mayor Bill Morris believes that is Wharton's biggest stumbling block.

"He's really troubled about having to run against his old friend he helped get elected," Morris said Thursday.

Herenton is not yet interested in talking about Wharton's possible run.  His spokesperson said Thursday he wasn't making any comments.

And, both mayors were able to sneak out of Le Chardonnay, avoiding Action News 5 cameras. The main building at Overton Square just has too many exits for one reporter to cover.
But clearly, neither mayor was interested in discussion this dinner.

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