Home Improvement Scams

Spring is right around the corner.. and so are con artists who prey on homeowners--especially senior citizens. Now there's an interesting twist to the usual home improvement scam.

Memphis Police say two men approached an older woman who lives in a house on Marcel Avenue. After they offered to re-pave her driveways, she let them into her home. That's when one of the men reached into her purse snatched her wallet and ran away. Inspector George Strickland with the Memphis Police Department says the victim is lucky because the incident could have been much worse. "Had she tried to stop them, or caught them in the act, they'd likely shove her down and broke her hip, or hurt her, and you never know what kind of person you're dealing with, they could have abducted her, kidnapped her and demanded ransom, could've made her go to an ATM machine, get money out." Inspector Strickland stresses you should never let someone into your home unless they have proper identification.

The Better Business Bureau recommends you get the name and address of any company that goes door-to-door offering services and then call the BBB to find out if the company has any complaints filed against it. You should get all offers in writing and verify the company is properly licensed, bonded, and insured.