New questions arise in an over decade old murder

New questions arise in a murder case that is more than a decade old.

The murder of Angela Perkins, who was killed Valentine's Day of 1994, remains unsolved.

The case remains active and there is an open investigation.  Due to renewed interest in the case, police have revisited the records and are searching for new clues.

Several of Perkins' friends, including Robyn Rabby, remember Perkins' personality.

"She had an infectios personality," said Rabby.  "Everyone loved her, she was always laughing."

The murder occurred in the early morning hours.  Perkins had just left her job at Newby's and had given a ride to a friend after work.

After dropping off her friend, Perkins came to a stop sign at Mt. Moriah and Spottswood.  Investigators say this is where she was shot in her car. The car coasted to a nearby parking lot, where Perkins attempted to call 911 on her cell phone.  She lost consciousness before she could tell police where she was.

Lieutenant Joe Scott, a patrolman in that area of East Memphis, recalled the limitations in the initial investigation.

"Tragically, in 1994 we didn't have the technology to trace," Scott said.  "It could have been anywhere in the city of Memphis."

Police documents say that two hours and 37 minutes after the 911 call, an employee at a local donut shop called police and said he had discovered a woman's body in the parking lot with a cell phone in her hand.

Michele Mallory, another friend of Perkins', hopes that this murder will someday be resolved.

"Somebody got away with this," said Mallory.  "Somebody has not been brought to light over this."

Lt. Scott said this investigation is missing vital aspects.

"We're missing a witness," said Scott.  "We're missing a piece of the puzzle that we don't have."

Homicide Detectives are urging anyone with information to call Memphis Homicide directly at 901-545-3000.  A $20 thousand reward offered at the time of the murder leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible still remains active.

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