Lack of movement in trooper murder case frustrates family

One of the two suspects in the killing of a Tennessee State Trooper in Tipton County appeared in front of a judge Friday morning.

Several important motions were supposed to take place in court for Orlando Garcia.

Instead, the hearing was uneventful, angering both the judge and the trooper's family.

Garcia is one of two men charged with murdering Trooper Calvin Jenks as he stopped their car.  Prosecutors claim the two were running drugs at the time.
Garcia's attorney, William Massey, was scheduled to take up several matters, including a request for a change of venue.  Massey said he was not prepared for the hearing, and seemed to think certain items would be discussed next week.

Norm Jenks, the late Calvin Jenks' father, sat with his head in his hands, and tears in his eyes for much of the hearing.  Outside the courtroom, he said he was frustrated by the lack of progress.

"We have full faith in the justice system, even though we are frustrated with our annual trips up here, but we understand it is part of the process at this time," said he said.

Garcia's family, from Texas, was also in the courtroom.

"We're very sorry for them, and we're praying for them," said Norma Garcia, Orlando's mother.  "Every day they're in our prayers.  We're just sorry for what happened, but there's a reason and purpose for everything."

Massey is also trying to gain possession of notes possibly made by investigators to try to split the drug charges and the murder charges into two trials.

Garcia's co-defendant previously admitted in court that he pulled the trigger that killed Jenks.
He'll go on trial later this year.

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