Car show charity unregistered in several states before fatal accident

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Officials say the charity that sponsored a parade where a drag race car spun out of control, killing six, wasn't approved to raise money in any state where it held car shows.

The Cars for Kids charity sponsored the fatal car show in Selmer.

The charity has car shows scheduled in six states, but is properly registered as a charity in none.

Cars for Kids also has not filed with the Internal Revenue Service since 2002.

Tennessee officials say they've rejected the charity's application that would allow it to raise money in the state.

Officials will work with other states to make sure they all get the same information about the charity. Larry Price, the president of the charity, said the charity was founded in 1990 to raise money for disabled children.

Price's lawyer Steve Farese Senior called the charity's paperwork problems an "oversight."       The total amount of lawsuits related to the crash is now more than 74 (m) million dollars after five new suits filed this week.

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