EXCLUSIVE: Woman says spirit of dead husband visits her

A Murfreesboro woman says she is being visited by the spirit of her dead husband and she says she has proof.

Patti Singletary has more than 100 hours of home video she says clearly shows the spirit of the man she married.

Jim Singletary was a man's man. He was Commander of Green Beret Special Forces in Vietnam, and an Aid-de-Camp for General Westmoreland.

Back home he worked his way through school to earn a Doctor of Pharmacology. He was a leader in every way.

"Whether I had been married to him or not, he was the best man you'd ever meet. Very modest; a man of his word. He would help anyone," said Patti Singletary.

Singletary died almost exactly one year ago. His wife Patti said almost immediately her dead husband's spirit began visiting her.

"Originally, it would just start in the evening because that's where the spirit would show up, over there behind that door. And it would just hover on that door; just a mist. Then it would stay until I was asleep. Then one particular night, not too long after he was gone, the most gorgeous cross and a gothic thing showed up in the corner and it was so beautiful and so comforting, but that's only happened once," Patti explained.

Patti was so moved by this she decided to videotape it to show others because she knew her story would be hard to believe.

"Well, they either think is that really possible or do they think you're already crazy? But when you say I have over 125 hours of video, they have to at least, possibly think there could be something to it," Patti added.

Patti Singletary even offered to demonstrate.

"Sometimes there are faces you can see clearly. You can count the faces and see their eyes. See, that looks like his eyes. That looks like a gun right there. Now, you can see he made a heart. See? It's sideways," she said.

To us, it seemed like the underlight of the camera was reflecting off objects back into the lens.

When we zoomed in and out of focus it made the image appear like a throbbing orb. That's what it looked like to us but to Patti, however, it's her beloved Jim and it is a comfort.

Patti added, "it's comforting but also overwhelming. Who wouldn't want to turn the camera on and see the love of their life? It's a great gift."

Patti said she thinks her husband's memories of his time with the Green Berets and CIA are showing up in the videos and that he wants her to speak out about Veteran's rights.

Watch the video and decide.

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