Hundreds of mourners remember children killed in boating accident

Hundreds of mourners turned out Saturday to remember two children killed in a July 4th boating accident.

Karlton Parker and Carnisha Banks died when the boat they were on sank in Memphis's Robco Lake.

An investigation is underway but Saturday afternoon the focus was on Parker and Banks.

Mourners packed the Emmanuel Episcopal Center for the double funeral.

"I understand the pain and the loss that you now have," said Pastor Colenzo Hubbard.

10 year-old Karlton Parker and 11-year-old Canisha Banks were cousins.

They were together on the 4th of July, when a small boat they were in sank. For family and friends it was a tragedy that's still hard to believe.

Banks' friends made special t-shirts bearing her picture and spoke of her love for dancing.

"All the little children looked up to her. She wasn't bad, she was a good girl," said cousin Dominique Jones.

Both Banks and Parker attended the same elementary school.

Friends said Karlton and Carnesha might be gone but at Downtown Elementary they will not be forgotten.

Investigators still want to know why 10 people were on board a small vessel that was built for just a few.

"We know God does everything for a reason so that's why its not so hard," added another family friend.

Loved ones are doing their best to accept the tragic consequences of bad judgement.

It was an accident that took two young lives and could have been avoided.

The Memphis police and fire departments are investigating the deaths of Parker and Banks.

Findings could be turned over to the DA's office. If that happens, the case could be turned over to a grand jury to decide if charges should be filed.


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