Analyst says Wharton is undecided wild card in mayoral race

With election day less than three months away, the field of candidates who hope to unseat Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton continues to grow.

"Well, there is obviously a sense that Mayor Herenton is vulnerable and that's why you have so many first rate candidates in the race," said political analyst Jackson Baker.

Baker says AC Wharton is the undecided wild card that could revamp the race.

Baker added, "I just don't think that other candidates that look competitive right now will be competitive once he's in."

But Baker is on the fence about whether a recent movement to encourage Wharton to is enough to persuade the county mayor to attempt a move to city hall.

"I don't think we're going to have that riddle answered until the weekend is over," said Baker.

Before the effort to "Draft AC", Wharton vowed not to oppose mayor Herenton.

"I do not doubt his sincerity when he says that he is trying to honor a committment to Mayor Herenton," said Baker.

That's why Baker is so curious to know what the two mayors talked about at their dinner at a Midtown eatery last Thursday.

Baker predicts the two mayors hashed out their options, "they didn't talk about the Red Sox and the Yankees," he added.

Whatever Mayor AC Wharton decides, Baker predicts he will share that decision with the voting public within the next two days.


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