Memphis Police announce results of July 12 beer sting

The Memphis Police Department on Monday released the results of its latest beer sting in the Memphis area.

Working together with the Governor Highway Safety Office, the MPD's DUI Unit regularly checks businesses for selling beer or alcohol to an underage buyer, and for not checking for identification to identify the age of the buyer.

The department's latest beer sting was held in the area of its Old Allen Station on July 12.  In total, 10 businesses were checked.  Of those, seven businesses were issued a misdemeanor citation for selling alcohol to the department's operant.

  • Circle K, 4010 Austin Peay
  • Citgo, 4185 Jackson
  • Citgo, 4027 Jackson
  • Leggett Liquors, 3957 Jackson
  • Jackson Grocery, 3955 Jackson
  • Mapco Express, 3702 Jackson
  • Brothers R. Grandi, 3675 Jackson

Memphis Police spokesperson Vince Higgins said in a press release that, to date, the DUI Unit has checked 227 businesses in Memphis, issuing 78 misdemeanor citations to businesses for selling beer or alcohol to an underage operant.