DeSoto County family fights back against leaks and termites

A Desoto County family claims they were sold a faulty home that's falling apart and may be making them sick.

They took their fight to the streets and that's landed them in court.

The Edwards family bought their Southaven house last August and it was great for the first three or four months until the cracks appeared along with the the leaks and termites.

The house rules are posted in their kitchen. Rule number two states to always tell the truth. That's something Jane Edwards feels wasn't done when she bought her home.

"We don't want a million dollars. We want it to be righted. That's it, right it," said Edwards.

The Edwards say the foundation has water leaking from it due to polybutylene pipes that were recalled 16 years ago.

The family has to manually turn the water to the house on and off to prevent further flooding.

There are huge cracks in the facade and in the foundation. Then there are the termites that are eating her home out from under her.

Edwards added, "we woke up one morning and they were falling out of the ceilings, above cracks on the doorway."

The Edwards say their realtor did not disclose problems with the home, that the home inspector missed several issues and the termite inspector missed the termites.

"He said, 'well, I've made mistakes like this in the past but I'll cut you a deal for $400'. So I was like, get out," said Edwards.

With no results from anyone, Edwards posted signs listing the names of the businesses on signs in her mothers yard only to learn they were against code.

Edwards said, "we just got into a situation where anything we did seemed to backfire on us."

Repairs are easily $30,000--money they don't have. That leaves the family with nowhere to turn and a home that's not so sweet afterall.

The Edwards hope the Shamrocks growing near their leaking foundation will bring them luck as they continue to fight for the home they thought they bought in the first place.

We tried to contact REMAX-Southaven but no one there returned our call.

The Edwards are trying to hire an attorney but they're said it could cost more than $6,000.


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