Mother to slain 12-year-old boy files counter suit against boy's father

The mother of a 12-year-old boy killed in a police shooting filed a counter suit against the boy's father today.

Debra Farrow filed the suit against Robin Perkins, who is trying to become administrator of DeAunta Farrow's estate.

Javier Bailery, Debra Farrow's attorney, said his client is upset that the child's father want to be in charge of what could become a $125 million settlement regarding DeAunta Farrow's death.

Bailey filed an aggressive response to Robin Perkins' petition. Bailey said Perkins had very little contact with the child when he was alive.

Bailey also said the battle over the case could turn ugly if Perkins does not back off his petition.

"He didn't spend birthdays with him, DeAunta didn't spend the night with his dad," said Bailey.  "There were none of those overt acts that a father. . . does to be part of a child's life."

Bailey said he hopes the father's petition and his clients answer to it can be argued in court in the next 30 days.

Robin Perkins could not be reached for comment.

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