Neighbors take action as weeds, grass, and trees overgrow neighborhood lot

"A disaster, a fire waiting to happen, children to get hurt, animals to get hurt. It just needs to get taken care of."

That's how Donna Cotton describes a house in the 2900 block of Cascade.

According to Cotton, for four years it has continually gotten worse, and the grass and weeds have gotten taller.

"We have a jungle growing here," she said. "I realize we have woods around here, but this is an unnecessary woods."

For years, Cotton has called various agencies to complain.  Because the original property owner owed back taxes, Cotton said, the county now owns the property.

Recently she received two letters back from the city and the county.  One said a citation had been issued, while the other said the yard was too overgrown to cut.

"It's going to take a large piece of equipment to cut this down," she said. "A lawn mower is not going to touch it."

Vandals have made away with pieces of the house the sits in the lot, including chunks of siding.

Cotton and another neighbor told said large snakes and rats frequently crawl from the yard and they're worried an animal or person will get hurt.

This isn't the only problem house in the area. There are two more down the street, but the trees are so tall you can't even see them. Neighbors don't want that to happen here, that's why they called Action News 5.

Shortly after Action News 5's George Brown called the city, crews were at the house cutting down the weeds, grass, and small trees.

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