Signatures preserve Shelby Farms for future generations

It only took a piece of paper and several signatures to preserve Shelby Farms for future generations.

Those behind the agreement say you'll benefit from the new Shelby Farms Conservancy even if you don't come here; if only in property values and even a possible reduction in crime.

Shelby Farms is full of geese and bustling with bison and then there are the human inhabitants like Sammy Martin.

"We ride out here every weekend," said Martin.

Martin is thrilled at the creation of the Shelby Farms Conservancy, a not for profit group that will now oversee the park and its future growth.

"Today, Shelby Farms is officially and forever a park," said Laura Adams.

Adams said under the conservancy, the county will continue to fund the park, a master plan will be drawn up, major roads cannot be built and retail development won't be allowed.

There is however the possibility of concessions that compliment the park.

"Appropriate kinds of vendor relationships that are revenue generators that can be put into play to enhance the natural areas of the park," added Adams.

Martin thinks that's fine if it's controlled.

"I don't think it's a bad idea. in many cases it adds to the attractiveness of a place. People won't have to run off to get something if they just out here on a whim," said Martin.

The only area the conservancy won't have control over at Shelby Farms is the Agricenter and a plot of land the county has set aside for its own use.


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