Principal fights back against vandals

Some Mid-South teens accused of vandalizing a school didn't get far from the scene of the crime thanks to a principal who wasn't afraid to take action.

The portable classrooms look like a war zone at Munford Elementary. Vandals had a field day tearing up the rooms causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

However, the culprits were caught thanks to the quick action of the principal.

Munford Elementary Assistant Principal, Varissa Richardson gave us a tour of the damage.

"They spray-painted here, they took broom handles and rammed it into the walls," Richardson said. "They actually threw a desk through the wall," she added.

There's also graffiti on the walls outside.

It's about $10,000 worth of damage; damage the school has been cleaning up for days.

Principal Mary Haywood was determined to find the people responsible and she finally got her chance.

Haywood was standing next to the portables. She heard some talking around the corner and saw a group of boys just hanging around. When they saw her they took off into those woods. Haywood then jumped in her car and the chase was on.

She chased the three boys around the block before calling 911. That's when police took over.

"My officers spotted them around here. They got out and gave chase. They ran through the woods. Officers took about 20 minutes to round 'em up," said Chief Harger with Munford Police Department.

Chief Harger says the culprits were high school kids. They were charged and released to their parents.

When asked if he's concerned at all about the gang-like graffiti left behind, Harger said the kids are likely gang "wannabes".

"We have some people who like to act like they're gang members," he added.

Meanwhile, Harger commends the actions of Haywood giving the boys a chase and Richardson is proud of her boss.

"She cares about her school and she wanted to get the person who did it," said Richardson.

Principal Haywood was out of town, but over the phone she said she hopes this is the end of the vandalism.

The portables are expected to be fixed up by the start of school on August 2nd.

For more information on the vandalism at Munford Elementary you can pick up a copy of the Covington Leader newspaper on news stands Friday.


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