West Memphis 3: Mom speaks out on new evidence found at crime scene

Pam Hobbs has been very vocal over the past 14 years since the murders of three 8-year- old boys in West Memphis.

A jury convicted the West Memphis 3, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley for the murders of Michael Moore, Stevie Branch and Christopher Byers.

Stevie Branch was Pam Hobbs' son.

Now, there are new developments in the case and Hobbs is speaking out about the new DNA evidence.

The recent DNA tests are noteworthy because at the time of the murders DNA testing was not as advanced as it is today.

Prosecutors did not have important physical evidence because it was washed away by the water in that drainage ditch where the three boys bodies were discovered.

Hobbs said she does not think the West Memphis Three committed the crime.

A jury convicted the West Memphis 3 of killing the three 8-year-old boys 14 years ago.

But now, new DNA testing shows a hair from one of the boys' stepfathers , Terry Hobbs, was found in shoelaces used to tie up the 8-year-old boys.

"It blew me away. I was like, oh my God this can't be so," said Hobbs.

Hobbs, was blown away because she was married to Terry Hobbs when the murders happened.

When asked in an interview if he murdered the boys, Hobbs said: "I'd have to laugh at that and say there's something wrong with someone who would think that."

But Pam Hobbs thinks its possible.

"I would say there is a possibility that he could be capable. I hate to say it because I'm going on my thoughts and feelings," she added.

Pam Hobbs said she remembers discovering 14 knives owned by her then husband Terry Hobbs.

"A bunch of knives, a few of them I was aware of but there was quite a few I wasn't aware of. And Stevie's knife being in that collection, that really put up a warning sign. What are you doing with Stevie's knife, it would have been with him," Pam Hobbs explained.

Hobbs said Steve's grandfather gave him the knife. She also said she turned them over to police when she found them.

Terry Hobbs said he had collected knives for years.

"They were stolen out of my home by Pam Hobbs or her sister and given to the defense attorneys," Terry Hobbs said.

Terry Hobbs insists he has nothing to hide.

West Memphis Deputy Police Chief, Mike Allen, said Terry Hobbs is not a suspect in the case.

He said the hair found at the scene could have come from the Hobbs' house because the children played there frequently.

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