Eight year international custody battle comes to an end

Monday, the Mid-South girl stuck in the middle of an eight year international custody battle will be reunited with her biological parents.

On Monday morning, a court-appointed guardian and psychologist arrived at the home of Jerry and Louise Baker to pick up Anna Mae He and begin the process of the state ordered reunion.

The Baker's attorney called the events a traumatic experience for the family.

"The whole family is grief-stricken. You know and you can pinch yourself and you can tell yourself this is not a death. But for the moment the emotions are quite naturally that," said Baker attorney Larry Parrish.

Parrish said the family will continue to undergo counseling to cope with the separation.

Anna Mae He was born in January of 1999. Later that year, Jerry and Louise Baker agreed to take her in for 90 days while her biological parents worked out financial issues.

The custody battle began the next year when the He's petitioned for Anna Mae's return.

That petition was denied.

After a four year battle, the Bakers were granted custody, and the Tennessee Court of Appeals later upheld that ruling.

But in January of this year , the Tennessee Supreme Court overturned the order giving custody of Anna Mae to the He's.

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