Video costs two Tennessee police officers their job

Lewd graphics, homosexual references and talk of pornography were all part of a racy video that cost two Tennessee police officers their jobs.

The clip's called "Loneyly Nights". One officer made the video and another posted it on You-Tube. That's when all the trouble started.

Officer Marc Grossbard said he was just testing out his new camera when the video was shot.

"It was never his intent to have that thing published to the world and as you can imagine, he's a little emotional about that," said attorney Kent Booher.

Grossbard and his attorney say fellow part time officer Kevin Walker posted the video adding lewd graphics to a portion featuring a convenience store clerk.

"I'm not sure that Kevin understood or really grasped how much problem this would cause," added Grossbard.

Kent Booher said Walker posted the video as a joke but the Lenoir City Police Chief isn't laughing.

"They're a part of Lenoir City and we want them to always conduct themselves in a professional manner and this is something we're not going to tolerate," said Lenoir PoliceChief Don White.

Officer Grossbard was in uniform for the video and portions were shot in a patrol car.

"I feel that it is a bad reflection and he was obviously using city property while this was being made so that's against our policy for sure," added White.

The apparent joke got Officer Grossbard fired. The officer who posted it resigned.

Lenoir City Mayor Matt Brookshire added, "we have a good police force, getting better everyday and that's the sad thing about something like this. It not only does damage to the whole community but it does damage to the police department."

Grossbard had been with the department for 10 years. The You-Tube clip that got him fired is less than 10 minutes long.

Lenoir City is in East Tennessee.

No criminal charges are expected against any of the men featured on the video. Officer Grossbard maintains he wasn't aware of all of the video's contents.


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