Mid-South church honors Jack He naming him Father of the Year

Anna Mae He is expected to be reunited with her biological parents on Monday.

A court-appointed guardian and psychologist took He away from the home of Jerry and Louise Baker Friday morning where she lived since she was a few weeks old.

She's now in juvenile court custody until the reunion with her parents Jack and Casey He.

Meanwhile, a Mid-South church honored Anna Mae's father Jack He as the "Father of the Year" Sunday morning.

The award was presented as part of Men's Month at New Sardis Baptist Church.

Members awarded He for his perseverance during the hard fought custody battles over his biological daughter Anna Mae He.

He's pastor Reverend LaSimba Gray said the Chinese father was a popular choice for the congregation's award because he and his wife demonstrated that parental rights must be respected.

"Beloved members this is an international victory in the eyes of the nation, the eyes of the world are upon Memphis, Tennessee," said Gray.

He's attorney advised him not to go to the ceremony for fear he would jeopardize Monday's reunion.

But Reverend LaSimba Gray said Jack He is honored by the award and deserves it.

"One of the hallmarks of a man is to be protective of his family and a provider for his family," said Gray.

Reverend Gray said Jack He has proven his commitment to family time and time again in courtrooms trying to regain custody of his daughter.

The attorney for the Baker family called the hand-over of Anna Mae He emotional and traumatic.

Larry Parrish said the Bakers got the call at 7:00 Friday morning that a court appointed guardian and psychologist were on their way to take custody of the girl.

The Bakers have fought in court to keep Anna Mae but they officially gave up the custody battle last week.

"They intend to try to get their lives together. They will mourn as they are now and they will begin to heal and there will be never a day that goes by that Anna will not be surrounded with much prayer," Parrish added.

Anna Mae's parents asked the Bakers to take care of her for a short time while they were having financial difficulty.

The Hes had to petition the court for their daughter's return and were denied at first setting off a chain of courtroom custody battles between the Hes and the Bakers.


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