Update: Police charge man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire

Memphis police have arrested and charged a man they say set his girlfriend on fire. Police charged the woman's boyfriend, Raymond Stone, with attempted second-degree murder.

Police said the woman was burned after the two argued in the 1000 block of Greenwood.

Lajuana Smith was released from the MED Monday afternoon and is now recovering at her sister's house. She is in an upstairs bedroom and she tells a frightening and horrifying story.

Smith has bandages on her hands and arms. The skin on her face and neck is burned off.

Smith says her boyfriend poured gasoline on her and set her on fire after she told him she was leaving him Monday morning.

Folks in the neighborhood are clearly still shaken up at what they saw; Smith running around on fire, screaming for help.

"It was just unbearable to even look at her, her skin just dripping off of her like it was," said witness Marilyn Maxwell.

Maxwell and her neighbors were woken early Monday morning when a woman who lived across the street started screaming and knocking on doors.

She'd apparently been set on fire by her boyfriend.

Maxwell added, "the smell. It was flesh burning and it was just horrible. Her flesh burning was just horrible."

The top half of the woman's body was on fire.

Witnesses said her boyfriend continued to chase her as she ran from her house to one next door.

"She told her to drop and roll and then the man came out still looking for her so Mary told her to hide under the bushes," explained witness and neighbor Regina Smith.

Neighbors said the couple had been fighting most of the day on Sunday.

"She had locked him out of the house and he bust out the window and went in the house so she ran out the front door," said Smith.

Police spent much of Monday morning driving around nearby neighborhoods as well as searching vacant homes and using a K-9 unit looking for the suspect.

Neighbors said what they saw is something they clearly soon will not forget.


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