Family of murdered tattoo shop owner pleads for justice

The family of a Memphis woman shot inside a tattoo parlor over the weekend is pleading for help to find her killer.

Friends, family and fellow co-workers have built a memorial to ChiAnne Gast.

Pictures, posters and plenty of love surround the shop where she worked hard to make it as a artist of tatoos -- something she enjoyed a great deal.

The victim's mother, sister and husband are shaken. Gast's husband was in the store when the robbery took place Saturday afternoon.

32-year-old Gast was part owner of the TopShelf Tattoo Parlor and was a mother of two.

The family insists they know who did this senseless killing.

They're pleading with the Mayor of Memphis, the Police Director and the community to find the killer, bring him to justice and rid the city of this type of crime.

The fatal shooting took place inside the tattoo shop that is located right across the street from the Kawasaki motorcycle shop where an employee was gunned down last May.

People urge police and city leaders to help curb the violent crime in this community.


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