Former University of Memphis football star arrested on assault charges

Former University of Memphis football star Xavier Crawford is accused of breaking a restraining order against former Memphis Councilwoman Pat Vander Schaaf this past weekend.

Vander Schaaf, 63, claims Crawford, 36, threatened to kill her and her family when she visited a friend's house this weekend. Crawford then tracked her down and beat her on her doorstep before she managed to escape.

Crawford was arrested this morning.

Vander Schaaf obtained protection from Crawford in February.

Crawford was arrested last month for assualting Vander Schaaf inside of her home.  Vander Schaaf claims Crawford slapped her and dragged her around by her hair.

Crawford is accused of pouring beer on her head in another incident.

Friends of Vander Schaaf said they have repeatedly tried to reach out to her since her rocky relationship with Crawford began.

Vander Schaaf served on the Memphis City Council for nearly 30 years.

Crawford remains in jail.