12-year-old charged in fatal shooting of close friend

Memphis Police charged a 12-year-old boy Thursday in the deadly shooting of another little boy.

The shooting happened Wednesday afternoon in the 2500 block of Dwight Cove.

According to investigators, 12-year-old Tyrone Burns was playing with his friend, Quaydarious Carpenter, also 12, when the pair found a semi-automatic handgun in Carpenter's house.  For an unknown reason, the gun fired.  Burns was struck and died on the way to the hospital.

On Dwight Cove, yellow crime scene tape hung out of a trash can Thursday afternoon.

Wallace Butler, who lives down the street, said he knew something was wrong Wednesday when a man yelled at him.

"Dude telling me, Dial 911! Dial 911!'"

Police said by then, it was probably too late.

Friends and family claim the two boys were close friends, and investigators don't believe the shooting was intentional.  Still, they charged 12 year-old Carpenter with reckless homicide.

"At this point, it's just a tragedy all the way around, anyway you look at it," Higgins said.

A tragedy Higgins said people need to learn from.

"In my career, homicide investigators, line officers, it's just horrible because we know it's completely preventable.  It didn't have to happen. Didn't have to happen."

According to Higgins, a simple trigger lock could have prevented the shooting.  They are available for free at many places.  Memphis Police say if you have a gun in your house, the best advice is to get one.

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