Group protests lack of handicapped access at Court Square

A Memphis group took advantage of nice weather early Thursday to protest what they called "ongoing discrimination."

People with disabilities used a centerpiece of the re-developed Court Square as an example of the issues they face.

The Center for Independent Living, along with the Disabled Veterans, held a celebration of the 17th Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  The group pointed to disputes of accessible seating at the Pyramid, FedExForum, and the Mid-South Coliseum as problems they've fought.
They also pointed out the lack of access to the recently renovated band stand in Court Square as an example that planners don't always consider those with disabilities.
"Center City Commission said they wanted it historically correct and they have made it historically correct," said Randy Alexander of the Memphis Center for Independent Living. "They have made it so historically correct they are showing the discrimination that was going on in early 1900's."

Thursday, a Center City Commission told Action News 5 the Commission is looking at several options, including installing a ramp or an elevator lift.

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