Million Father March to help kids get back to school

Thousands of fathers across the country will hit the streets for the upcoming Million Fathers March.

The event, announced today, called for fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and mentors to help take back schools in their neighborhoods.

Maurice Spivey, a father, is prepared to help his son start school this August.

"When children see somebody ain't going to play, it makes a difference," said Spivey, "and it makes the teacher's job a whole lot easier."

The event is expected to help academically.  In Chicago and 40 other cities that began these marches four years ago, students' test scores went up and school disturbances were down.

Maurice Spivey, Jr. looks forward to having his father at school with him.

"I'll be happy," said Spivey, Jr.

Organizers said it will be more than just dads going to school with their children, there are also plans to involve area churches, tutoring organizations, and after school programs.

Activities leading up to the march include a back-to-school rally on August 11 at the Civil Right's Museum, a prayer rally on August 12, and the Million Father March on August 13, the first day of school for Memphis and Shelby County.

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