Owners charged in alleged puppy mill scandal fail to show in court

The owners of puppies confiscated from an alleged puppy mill failed to show in court.

According to the Obion County Sheriff's Office, Bud and Mary Fair, the owners of the dogs, now officially face charges.

The Fairs were supposed to be arraigned today, their attorney, however, claims they waived that right.

On July 15, nearly 140 dogs were confiscated from the Fairs alleged puppy mill.

Bud and Mary Fair now face ten counts of animal cruelty each.

John Polis of Best Friends, an animal society from Utah that has joined forces with the Gibson-Obion County humane society, said that animal cruelty is a serious offense.

"Animal cruelty is against the law," said Polis.  "You can paint whatever picture you want but if the animal is treated cruelly, then the perpetrator needs to be dealt with."

Bud Fair was charged in 2004 after a raid at his house under similar circumstances.  The case was ultimately dismissed, but the court ordered Fair not own the animals for a year.

Polis hopes that something can be worked out quickly, for the sake of the dogs.

"Right now, the puppy mill's vetarinarian... continues to be the veterinarian for the animals," said Polis, "and we hope a decision is made that allows a neutral party to get in there."

Both sides are expected to be in court tomorrow for a hearing deciding who gets temporary custody of the dogs.

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