Victim of stabbing at Mid-South Schnucks files suit against attacker, store

A victim of a mass stabbing at a Memphis Schnucks store is suing the company.

Teresa Howard, one of eight employees stabbed by a co-worker at a Schnucks store last summer, is suing her attacker and the store for $3 million.

Howard recalled the day of the attack.

"The knife, the blood, the screaming," said Howard, "I remember all of that."

Howard was working in the deli at the Schnucks on Highway 64 when a fellow employee, Elartrice Ingram, began stabbing his co-workers.

Howard was stabbed four times and spent several days in the hospital.

Howard pointed out where Ingram had stabbed her.

"This is where it went straight through," said Howard.  "And my eye.  I'm surprised I still have an eye."

Howard is still employed by the store, but has not worked there since the attack.

Meanwhile, Ingram is in a mental facility after a judge found him not guilty by reason of insanity.

Howard said family and church have helped to get her through the healing process, both mentally and pysically.

Howard did not want to speak about her lawsuit, but her attorney said it is a $3 million liability and personal injury lawsuit.

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