Bulldogs Quarterback Ready to Back Croom in 2007

In the 75th year of the Southeastern Conference, Mississippi State remains an afterthought in College Footballs' top League.

But, Bulldogs players says they're ready to change that.

The Bullies have had 3-straight 3 win seasons..

They've won on 4 SEC games during Coach Sylvester Crooms' tenure..

But Quarterback Micheal Henig says Crooms' approach to the game is the right one.

Henig says, "It took a while to buy into the system, but realizing we lost 4-games by 3-points.. 1 play in each game different, we win 7 and go to a bowl game."

The Bulldogs get off to an extremely tough start..

They open against LSU at home in Starkville August 30th.