Prolonged battle over eleven dozen dogs continues in Obion County

Over a week after criminal charges were filed against the owners of more than one hundred dogs confiscated from a Mid-South backyard, a judge waived a scheduled hearing for the owners Thursday.

A small group gathered outside the Obion County law enforcement center anticipating the hearing.

"To see how we can help the animals," said John Polis of the Best Friends Animal Society.  "In all the legal wranglings, they are the ones that are most forgotten and they're in limbo right now."

Nearly 140 dogs were seized from the Obion County home of Bud and Mary Fair on July 15th.

Since that day, neither of the Fairs has commented on the case to the media.

Their attorney, Jim Powell, said his clients did nothing wrong.  But the Obion County Sheriff's Department disagreed, and charged them both with 10 counts of animal cruelty.

Neither of the Fairs have yet been booked into jail.  Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor.

Meanwhile, hundreds turned out July 18th to offer to foster the dogs. Two days later, a vet for the Fairs collected the animals, who are now in his custody by court order.

Still, the local humane society wants the dogs back.  In fact, John Polis traveled all the way from Utah to represent an animal society specializing in animal rescue.

"These animals, some of them were in very, very bad shape," he said. "The place that they lived was in very poor condition, so our experts can come in and take the burden off some of the locals."

It is just the latest battle in a prolonged war over the care of eleven dozen dogs.

Both sides are expected back in court Friday to determine who gets temporary custody of the dogs.

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