Morris re-issues drug test challenge to mayoral candidates

A Memphis mayoral candidate spoke out Friday about his views on drug testing.

Candidate Herman Morris re-issued his challenge for all candidates for the mayors office to take a drug test.
Morris said he took his last week, and is waiting for his results, though he said he doesn't expect any surprises.
When asked if he had reason to suspect any candidate would fail the test, Morris said that wasn't the point.

"We require it of every employee in city government," Morris said. "If we can require it for the least of employees in city government, we should be able to lead by example and require it of ourselves."

Morris also promised a more open government with more interaction with the public, and to be more open with the media.  Morris cited and Action News 5 report from Thursday that said Mayor Herenton refused to debate.  Morris said he was disappointed, and hopes the mayor changes his mind.

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