Business owners want names cleared in misconduct case

Three officers have been disciplined after allegations of misconduct. Now, the people who made those allegations want their names cleared.

Now that the officers involved in the incident at Nappi By Nature have been disciplined, those arrested by them are demanding the charges against them be dropped.

Officer Steven Grigsby has been suspended for three days.  Officer Billy Gray for one day. Both were charged with using excessive force.  And Lt. Michael McCord was suspended for 40 days and fired for a different incident.

For that reason, the four people arrested by the officers want their charges dropped.

The officers were questioning Todario Harris May 30th when a business owner started questioning the officers.

Sefu Uhuru said the officers got verbally aggressive and that officer Grigsby assaulted him.

"We are not criminals. We did not assault any police officers. I feel if I had assaulted any police officers, I would not be standing here today. I think I made that statement once before and my wife would not be standing here and we would not have the support of the SCLC and Rev. Montgomery," said Uhuru.

The Uhuru's and their friends contend they are very respectful of the police and sponsor anti-violence programs in their community and those programs will be endangered if they're convicted of the current charges.

They also said they recognize there are many good officers on the police force who are often very helpful.

Azabasha Uhuru added, "the officers always come out, the officers come out and incorporate themselves into the rally and play football with the children and bring different things to assist us."

The district attorneys office said they are still reviewing the charges in this case and that all are welcome to meet with General Bill Gibbons.

The charges against those people range from unlawful possession of a gun to assault.


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