Behind bars interview with Xavier "X-Man" Crawford

"She gave me the key to the city when I was in high school," says Xavier "X-Man" Crawford.

In his first jailhouse interview Friday, X-Man Crawford opens up about Pat Vander Schaaf.

"I still love her today," says Crawford.

He says he and the former Memphis Councilwoman, who is nearly 30 years older, have long been much more than friends.

"As far as I'm concerned, we're soulmates," says Crawford.

But she filed the restraining order he's accused of breaking, and told police he beat her, dragged her by her hair, and threatened to kill her. Vander Schaaf even told police Crawford poured beer over her head during one argument.

"I'm 100 percent not guilty," says Crawford.

Crawford claims Vander Schaaf was coerced by white people who disapprove of their interracial relationship.

"I need to see Al Sharpton, the Rainbow Coalition," says Crawford.

He believes Vander Schaaf is the only one still on his side.

"pat Vander Schaaf is actually the one who bonded me out of jail," says Crawford. "She was right outside after I got out of jail this last time," he adds.

"Pat Vander Schaaf has made some bad decisions along the way as well," says Memphis City Councilman and former colleague Tom Marshall.

Marshall hopes Vander Schaaf gets back on her feet without the X-Man.

"No one deserves to be assaulted, to receive the kind of treatment she has from this person and he belongs behind bars," says Marshall.

Meantime, Crawford hopes Vander Schaaf will come to his rescue once again and bond him out of jail.

Crawford wants Vander Schaaf to pick him up in the Mercedes he says she recently bought him. Apparently, she is not interested in talking about Crawford, his claims, or the charges against him. She has not returned repeated phone calls from Action News 5.


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