Trial dates set for councilman & fmr. utility president

Trial dates are set for a Memphis City Councilman and the former president of MLGW who are both facing federal indictments.

Edmund Ford and Joseph Lee appeared to be in good spirits in Federal Court Friday. But, their attorneys said they need more time to make their case.

Ford, appeared in Federal Court with his wife by his side.

Former Memphis, Light, Gas and Water President Joseph Lee was with his attorney Robert Spence and a new attorney out of Miami who's assisting in the case.

Both men were tight-lipped about the case only making brief statements.

"I'm doing great. Doing good," said Ford.

Lee added, "I'm doing well and beyond that I'll let my attorneys make any other comments."

The two are accused of working as cohorts. The Feds said Ford would support Lee on the MLGW Committee of the City Council.

And that, in exchange, Lee let Ford's $16,000 utility bill slide.

In court, attorneys Michael Scholl, Spence and David Howard asked for 60 extra days to review the evidence.

"We want to take a chance to look at all the evidence, gather it together, form our own investigation so we can prepare for trial," said Scholl.

With both Lee and Ford entering not guilty pleas earlier this month, a trial it will be.

Spence added, "we're involved in the process. We'll report back on september 21st, but we're preparing the case for trial."

On the 21st of September, the attorneys will let the judge know how long it'll take to prepare. They set a trial date for October 12th.

"As far as that being a realistic trial date for this particular case, it won't happen at that time," said Scholl.

The attorneys maintain their clients are innocent.


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